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Game News
Cataclysm is released and Bad habits is ready for action!

We are currently sitting at level 6, lets get our guild groups together and level our guild up!

Register your toons to the guild website and prepare to receive dkp bonus for loot.

Vent server is up and active.

We will be building our 10 man core very soon, anyone who is prepared to raid mon-thurs will be considered. Gymrat will be leading a raid Fri-Sun for those of you who would rather raid on weekends. Let us know when your ready and able to begin to raid. Work on getting your gear up to par!

Also please consider that these are relatively new raids and considered challenging compared to Northrend so be prepared!
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Raiding Bad Habits style!

Psychoticrow, Dec 23, 10 2:02 AM.
Wondering how we run the show? Well look no further!

- Clean and professional we're here to have fun but we also want to clear the raids so come prepared and celebrate on the down!

- DKP systems require our members to sign up to site in order to record and relay that information back to the guild

- Hierarchy system the guild leader deals with guild affairs, class leader and raid leaders will deal with raids specifically and aiding their classes in being the best they can be!

- Open concept feel free to voice opinions but try to back them up!

- Respect during raids don't play the blame game let the officers and leader deal with that you can point it out to one of us and worry no more!

- Vent is a must it is expected everyone to be one vent while raiding regardless of difficulty simply to hear what is being said to limit confusion.

Guild Bank!

kmarc, Dec 23, 10 12:22 AM.
Our guild bank is looking for donations! Its also looking for people to put the items to use! If anyone sees anything that they need for there character such as enchants, gems or armor don't hesitate to ask one of our officers. Just the same if you collected random useful items you don't want maybe someone else does!
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